Our Services

Waring’s Auto Electrical offers a wide range of automotive services that will ensure your vehicle performs consistently and perform at its top-most performance.

With over 20 years of experience, we provide a high class service with affordable rates for the repair, supply and installation of electrical components. We ensure a quality solution and we cover all your electrical needs, from alternators, lights, starter motors and more.


  • To ensure that your battery will continue to hold a charge and will provide enough power, we test the battery and charging system/charging rate

Starter Motor

  • If your starter motor is not performing well, we find the problem. We provide a speedy reconditioning service for starter motors. Our years of experience will ensure that you are back on the road, knowing your car is going to perform reliably and safely.

Car Batteryauto electrician geelong

  •  We offer maintenance services to keep your vehicle powered up.

Engine Tuning

  • We provide a comprehensive tuning and maintenance for all types of vehicles.

Air Conditioning

  • Our experienced and highly trained technicians will make sure that your car air conditioning is ready and working for the hot days ahead.


  • We service and repair EFI engines


  • We offer comprehensive car electric wiring, troubleshooting and servicing


  • We service and replace faulty car braking system and pads.

Climate control

  • We advice, repair and replace Car climate control system.


  • We fix broken car solar systems

Caravan and camping needs

  • We offer  caravan and camping  needs. Contact us for a free quote.